I was responsible for the Art Direction on this campaign from concept through development to final signed off campaign - pre production, shoot, typography, retouching and up to final client sign off for each execution and format.
The idea was by copywriter John McMahon and I took over the visual from concept and worked with photographer Leo Byrne and retoucher Michael Medvedi to create the two executions.
Although mainly an outdoor landscape 48 sheet camapign, there is also a portrait version and a square version which were part of the brief and part of the deliverables.
I've added some work in progress from initial scamps through development.
The original roughs approved by client.
The typography brief for the retoucher.
The shoot - locations were shot at dawn with no traffic or people around, they then had to look like night time.
The cast were shot individually in a studio both the dancers and the passersby. We then worked out combinations and other setups as well as atmosphere and other props.
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