Sprout & Co posters
Ad campaign and posters for Sprout & Co juices - from Farm to Fridge - still work in progress
Art DirectionBrandingAdvertising
ely 2016 campaign
ely 2016 campaign which for the first time will be used as much or more in social media than print media - therefore the lines are a bit tighter, the text shorter and the imagery more single minded. We mainly focused on key ingredients as opposed to finished dishes which everyone is already photographing - often badly.
Art DirectionAdvertisingCreative Direction
Aldi 'Irish Christmas'
TV Campaign for Aldi Ireland including 60 second ad, 30 second cutdown and 5 x 20 second specific food versions. The Brief: Aldi understands what makes an Irish Christmas - homecomings, family, celebrations, food, tradition. Concepts through development and Art Direction of full campaign including food shoots in UK and Ireland and post production to finished campaign.
Art DirectionAdvertisingCreative Direction
Aldi 'Here Comes The Summer'
TV Campaign for Aldi Ireland including 40 second, 30 second cutdown and 3 specific product 20 second versions. The Brief: To capture the nuances of an Irish Summer complete with rain showers, sun, bbq food, more rain, ice pops - brain freezes, GAA, music festivals, overcast days, rainbows, goosebumps and picnics - and shoot it in March, to promote the Summer 'Let's Eat' food range from Aldi.
Art DirectionAdvertisingCreative Direction
ely new campaign
Additional executions to existing advertising and marketing campaign for ely wine bars talking about food provenance, ingredients, wine sourcing and the ely organic family farm in the Burren, Co. Clare. Art direction Francis Curran, Copywriting Jonathan Stanistreet, Photography Trevor Hart.
Art DirectionCopywritingPhotography
ely provenance campaign 2012-2013
Design and art direction of new advertising campaign for ely wine bar and restaurants in Dublin. Print, digital, point of sale and below the line.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Ulster Bank Belfast Festival
The people behind the people. Advertising campaign including design for print to promote the Belfast Festival sponsored by Ulster Bank. Media included everything from advertising posters to brochure covers to website and digital to signage and ticketing.
AdvertisingArt DirectionPrint Design
Dundrum Town Centre 3rd campaign
Third campaign for Dundrum Town Centre where we shot enough imagery to cover a full years advertising and brand communications. Then along came a new brand manager who changed everything.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
HSE Mental Health TV
TV campaign to get people to be aware of their own mental health.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Dundrum Town Centre launch campaign
Dundrum Town Centre launch campaign with outdoor posters, press and building wraps.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Case Study: Ulster Bank Belfast Festival
Case study on how the campaign was made from concept to print.
AdvertisingArt DirectionPrint Design
Dundrum Town Centre year 2
Second phase after launch campaign for Dundrum Town Centre
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Ulster Bank Henri Hippo relaunch
Relaunch of Henri Hippo kids saving scheme by Ulster Bank - extensive outdoor, press, digital and in branch campaign.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Deep River Rock
A campaign for Deep River Rock natural spring water to explain to people who thought it wasn't Irish, that it is Irish. Approved concept stage, it changed.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Dundrum tactical projects
Various projects in the ongoing promotion of the Dundrum Town Centre over its first 2 years.
AdvertisingArt DirectionGraphic Design
HSE condoms
HSE sexual health campaign to raise awareness of STD's and get people to wear condoms.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignPrint Design
Irish Times relaunch
Design of advertising campaign for The Irish Times newspaper to reposition to a younger audience by emphasizing it's relevance to them. Also to emphasise the range of daily supplements within the newspaper.
AdvertisingArt DirectionGraphic Design
The Irish Times Saturday Magazine
Design and Art Direction of advertising campaign for The Irish Times newspaper, this time promoting Saturday.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Irish Times Ticket magazine
Print campaign for The Ticket magazine in The Irish Times.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Dundrum Town Centre launch TV
Launch campaign for Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin Ireland. Shopping centre with many international premium brands.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignTypography
Lucozade TV campaign
TV Campaign for Lucozade for Irish market
AdvertisingArt Direction
Davy Stockbrokers
Advertising campaign to reposition Davy Stockbrokers as approachable and accessible to small investors.
AdvertisingArt DirectionGraphic Design
Eircom weather TV stings
Concept development for TV stings for Eircom sponsored weather report.
AdvertisingArt DirectionVisual Effects
Meet for Nescafe
Meet for Nescafe was a campaign encouraging people to take their time and meet (for nescafe).
AdvertisingArt Direction
Nissan Almera launch
Launching the Nissan Almera, it's big.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Design and promotional work for Enclosure interior design shop.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignPrint Design
Axa Insurance
Some silly really low budget TV ads for Axa insurance.
AdvertisingArt Direction
old ads
some ads from before computers, digital cameras and power steering as standard.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Waterford Stanley
Waterford Stanley launch campaign for new Dublin store.
AdvertisingArt DirectionTypography
Ulster Bank Student Campaign
New visual execution for existing concept for Ulster Bank student campaign.
AdvertisingArt Direction
Bank of Ireland old stuff
Various old ads I enjoyed working on.
AdvertisingArt DirectionGraphic Design
Safefood print campaign
Public service campaign to raise awareness of health issues around food preparation focusing on fast food and deli outlets.
AdvertisingArt Direction
F Sharp bank
First ad in a series for launch of F Sharp bank which ran all over the world.
AdvertisingArt DirectionBranding
Esso Tiger Miles
Tiger Miles was a loyalty scheme from Esso so we developed a campaign where people drove around Ireland collecting points and bonus points for specific visit times. The campaign launched just before Playstation 2 using graphics that were at that time, cutting edge.
AdvertisingArt DirectionVisual Effects
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